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Utagawa Kuniyoshi - Woodblock Prints Of Eccentricity And Laughter

SKU: 9784808710156

This collection of work by the 19th-century ‘ukiyo-e’ master Utagawa Kuniyoshi focuses on his more whimsical and curious subjects. Such artworks can be read as a reaction to the restless atmosphere of Japanese society prior to the Meiji Restoration. His pictures of animals in human guise, for example, hint at the social transformations underway beneath the surface during this period. Kuniyoshi’s shrewd artistic adaptability supplied his audience with novelty and humour, even while continuing to depict the everyday scenes, fables, and folklore for which he was famous. A book filled with mythical creatures, comical figures, and anthropomorphised cats.


Publisher Tokyo Bijutsu

Price: $45.00