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Pascale Osterwalder - All I Ever Had Went Down The Drain

SKU: 9783952489499

All I Ever Had Went Down the Drain
by Pascale Osterwalder

Publisher: EveryEdition

In this humorous collection of drawings, the Swiss illustrator, animator, and visual designer writes one-liners to accompany sketches of drains, faucets, household cleaners, and rubbish. A cleaner cloaked by a washcloth next to a simple drain seems resigned as it says, “I constantly worry about my liquidity”. Spilled toothpaste and a leaky foam pump rest on their sides, exclaiming, “But instead we got wasted”. A hand soap dispenser gazes pensively into the bathroom mirror. Pascale Osterwalder’s artistic projects and commissioned work in the field of literature, culture, and music often focus on imparting knowledge, especially for young people.

96 p, ills bw, 15 x 20 cm, pb, English

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