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The Earthly Community - Achille Mbembe

SKU: 9789082893533

The Earthly Community
by Achille Mbembe

Publisher: V2

Historian and political theorist Achille Mbembe explores what remains of the human subject in an age when the instrumentality of reason is carried out by and through information machines and technologies of calculation. In ‘The Earthly Community’ he discusses who will define the threshold or set the boundary that distinguishes between the calculable and the incalculable, between that which is deemed worthy and that which is deemed worthless, and therefore dispensable. Are we capable of inventing different modes of measuring that might open up the possibility of a different aesthetics, an alternative politics of inhabiting the Earth, of repairing and sharing the planet?

144 p, ills colour & bw, 16 x 23 cm, pb, English
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