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The Ins & Outs of In-Store Browsing

We've been offering in-store browsing appointments since last autumn, and they served our purposes well at the time. But there's a time and a season to set all things aside, and we feel like that time is now.

Until all our booksellers are vaccinated, we're going to keep our in-store capacity quite low. If you come by while we're open (from 10:30 to 8pm on Monday through Saturday; 10:30 to 6pm on Sunday), and the door is open, come on in! If we're open, but the doors are closed just hang tight. We'll be with you shortly and get you in as soon as there's space. 

The rules while inside are simple:

  • You must remain masked for the duration of your visit. I.e., no drinking, no eating, no face-recognition for your phone. 
  • Be extra mindful of people's space / maintain distance from people not in your party.
  • Try to limit your in-store experience to around thirty minutes, especially on busy weekends.

If you liked having some of our suggestions pulled aside for you in advance of your arrival, feel free to call ahead or email us. We loved doing that for our reservations, and we'll definitely love doing it now!

Thanks for your patience as we all figure out a safe way through all this.