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The Ins & Outs of Ordering

We want our front-door pickup to be as quick, easy, and safe as possible. To help us ensure it remains this way:

1) You can order online or over the phone. 

  • Bear in mind, the books that come up in your initial search online are not an immediate reflection of our inventory. We have tens of thousands of books; and in there, there are more like 100s of thousands. 
  • Clicking on the book will tell you more details. It may say we have it on the shelf. If so, huzzah! Commence to #2 below.
  • If a book indicates an expected wait, that reflects how long it will likely take for us to get the book -- not for us to get it to you, if we're shipping it. 

2) You'll receive a confirmation immediately after placing your order. Please note, this is not an indication that your book is ready for pickup -- even if our system said it was on the shelf.

  • Said book may be on hold for another customer; 
  • Said order may not have been seen yet by our small staff

3) Wait for a second email from us. Therein, we'll confirm either that we have your book and it's ready for pickup, or any details relating to your wait time. 

  • Certainly feel free to call us to check on when the book might be available. Call between noon and 6pm, and we'll do all we can to get to your order ASAP.