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Burn Down the American Plantation: Call for a Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (Paperback)

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"Starting from the premise that the Civil War never ended in the United States and slavery has merely taken on new forms, The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement proposes a direction and form of organizing with black liberation at its heart. Taking the revolution in Rojava as a primary example this book is both an education and inspiration for all who long for freedom. Highly recommended for people looking to expand their analysis of systems of domination at work in our world and then to turn it into action. " -- Adelaide

— From Adelaide's Picks of 2017!


The foundation of the political conflict today does not begin with the rise of the far right, but is situated in the context of the US Civil War�a war that never actually resolved the social contradictions at the heart of American society. Slavery has never ended in the United States. Instead it was reinstituted after the war, expanded through mass incarceration, and normalized through the deputization of civil society against black people. The expansion and acceptance of terror in American society has now turned against many other segments of the population culminating in the conflicts we see today.

Following the lineage of the black struggle, from Nat Turner to the Black Liberation Army, we can learn from the most revolutionary traditions of our society. We look at how current projects can build 21st century underground railroad when coupled with a militant strategy. Could the formation of these new political projects catapult us out of the cycle of protests and help us create revolutionary organization? For insights we�ll analyze the Rojava Revolution, the most advanced anti-state struggle in the world, as we chart out an insurgent direction for anarchist organizing today.

We ask you to join in our mission to burn down the American plantation and with us build the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.
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ISBN: 9781938660191
ISBN-10: 1938660196
Publisher: Combustion Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 2017
Pages: 96
Language: English