Frequently Asked Questions

* Why does DIESEL want to change ownership? Alison Reid and John Evans (the owners of DIESEL, A Bookstore -- in Oakland, Brentwood and Larkspur) are right now only looking to sell the Oakland store to one person, and that's Brad Johnson. Lots of reasons can be stated, but they all basically boil down to their recognition of themselves (as booksellers) in him. He is passionate and smart about the role in a way they respect, and they think he will carry DIESEL's legacy forward in a vibrant, new way. 

* Why the change of name to East Bay Booksellers? DIESEL's other two locations are not on the market, and will thus be operating unchanged in the event Brad secures funding to buy the Oakland location. Therefore, the need for a new name. East Bay Booksellers is a declaration of identity -- that where we are matters as much as what we do. You won't meet many people as passionate about this relationship between place and profession as Brad. 

* How much money are you hoping to raise? DIESEL is known throughout the East Bay (and the bookselling world in general) as having an impeccably curated, diverse collection of books. East Bay Booksellers will be no different in this regard. We hope always to have the books you come in looking for, but our biggest pleasure is when you discover something you didn't even know existed. In our experience, it takes about $200,000, for the inventory and proper capitalization. 

* I'm not in a position to participate in community lending. Can I still help make this happen? Your enthusiasm means everything, and can help us find eyeballs and ears of people we otherwise might not on our own. Sign up for our mailing list ... Follow us on Twitter ... Like us on Facebook ... Share news of what we're up to on all your social platforms (even face-to-face!). In short: keep in touch