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New Course Announcement for The Syllabus Academic Book Subscription

WINTER/SPRING Course 2023 (Jan. - Mar.)

When It Doesn’t Add Up: Math for the Humanities Major

Course Description

This course is for the Humanities student who, as life progressed, the days compounding into years, found themselves interested in mathematics. It wasn't that they were necessarily bad at it in school -- though perhaps they were -- or that they hated it -- though possibly they did. As things happen, they had their intellectual lane and felt that it had sufficient rabbit trails for what seemed like a lifetime. But life, they found, is both longer and shorter than they imagined, which they recall might be an math problem as it is philosophy. 

We'll be reading books that provide a "way into" higher math discourse. Those already in that discourse may very well appreciate the readings too. Indeed, we hope that they will. But the choices will be made by a Humanities major. So ... just saying. 

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